Support for workers and their families

Treatment for Expats and their family

  • Personalized treatment

At Maussen we treat the person, not only the condition. Not feeling happy or standing in your power do not just suddenly arise and they do not come alone. Rather, several problems tend to come together, and are usually interconnected. Also, people do not experience mental illness like depression or addiction in the same way. 

No waiting list

Our first priority is to understand your specific situation, the challenges you may be facing and to provide immediate support. To do this, we ensure no or short waiting lists for individualised treatment that best meets your needs.  

We also have an established network of institutional partners available to offer additional specialised care during crises or emergencies

At Maussen we look at who you are and together we decide which programme of treatment will suit you best, while taking into account your family, relationships and work.

Mental disorders

Maussen offers integrated, parallel treatment for all conditions. You will also gain knowledge and learn skills and tools that you can apply to any mental health condition to ensure lasting change to your patterns of behaviour and lifestyle.

Requests for help

We provide assistance to the following questions:

  • All kind of addictions
  • Depressions and mood disorders
  • Marital problems
  • Anxiety complaints
  • Stress and burn-out
  • Problems at work
  • Conflicts within the family

Beyond the problem

Problems often do not come alone but are interconnected. We are an expert in treating complex co-occurring disorders. We treat multiple disorders in parallel. Our integrated approach is unique and fully tailored to your personal situation. Your treatment programme is designed so that you can keep your role in society.


The treatment is tailored to your personal request for help and will vary in number of therapies and sessions.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

  • EMDR

  • Couple counceling /Marriage conceling (EFT)

  • System Therapy

  • Scedule Therapy

  • Solution Foccused Therapy

  • Acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT)

  • Hapto therapy

Network of therapists

Through our experience working with expats and their families, a network of independent therapists has formed around Maussen Family Confidants. They are extraordinary professionals. Often trainers or supervisors in their field.


Bart Maussen

Bart Maussen

Confidant en Coach

(1966) is vertrouwenspersoon, coach en woordvoerder van ondernemers, managers, bestuurders en hun families. Hij komt zelf uit een ondernemende familie en weet welk effect een familiebedrijf op de dynamiek binnen een familie kan hebben.

Edward Koldewijn

Edward Koldewijn

Confidant en Therapeut

(1964) Edward komt uit een tuindersfamilie van moederskant en assurantieen van vaderskant. Zijn wieg stond in een flat in Amsterdam Osdorp. Zoon van de dominee.