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Maussen Family Confidents is specialized in guiding care issues of wealthy or enterprising families. Owning a family business or family capital brings a specific dynamic within a family. Thanks to their experience with these issues, Bart Maussen and Edward Koldewijn have gathered a network of specialists who share the same vision and language with them to guide these families.


We know how meticulous and careful reputations have been built up. We will do everything possible to keep these intact and are extremely careful in communications within the network of specialists about you and your question.

We never record with third parties without your permission. Your GP will not be kept informed without consultation. We do not have contracts with health insurers. They don't come to us.

Good Match?

Since our services are not reimbursed, this is for your own account. It is good to consider together whether your budget is sufficient for your issue to be able to purchase our services. It is painful for us together if you need more care than you can afford financially. We are happy to consider together with you whether we are a healthy match for you.

You're welcome 
We invite you to contact us without obligation. 
Together we will investigate which guidance is best suited to your situation. 
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