Recovering from a burnout.

Experiencing more stress than usual

We all have times when we experience more stress than usual. When such a period lasts too long, your body no longer recovers from the amount of stress in your body.

You are then constantly 'on' with the result that you become overloaded. Stress makes you lose overview. You are only focused on what needs your attention at that moment. You no longer see another problem coming. The result is that you feel surprised again by the following issue.

There are 3 phases in a burnout

You feel rushed. The feeling of not being able to relax anymore. You need a lot from yourself but also really from others who count on your commitment. You have a high standard for yourself and become much disappointed in others who have a much lower standard. There is no more room for reflection, making contact, processing, standing still and enjoying. You have trouble falling asleep and when you wake up you are still tired.

In the next stage you notice that you become emotionally unstable. You can cry over small matters. Then you explode again for other relatively minor things. You get the feeling that you are on your own. You get concentration problems. You have intense dreams. Sometimes it seems like you have palpitations.

If you ignore this and keep going, you will lose your energy. lifeless. Literally no more energy to get out of bed. You can cry for hours.

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