Verbeteren van de onderlinge familiedynamiek

Improving the family dynamics

The members of the family are always related to each other. There is a common history. There are family values ​​that are passed on.

The power of a family is that it can be of support when a family or relative is struggling. A family with young children can support. Can help in financially bad times. Can take care of illness.

The happiness can be shared by being present at birthdays, births and weddings.

Family ties that pinch

The power of a family to support can also be overwhelming. In what is asked in return. Or failing to show appreciation or commitment when one has received support. If it is unevenly distributed. If the hierarchy and hierarchy are experienced as too dominant.

The behavior of families runs in patterns. If a family member is bothered by something and tries to endure it, something will always come along that that person has to endure.

Eventually, a family member will make a point of something and draw a line. Express his displeasure. confront.

Family assets

In wealthy families, dissatisfaction is often not expressed quickly. The mutual relationships, care for the reputation and the appreciation for those who created the wealth, prevent members from doing so.

If it does come up, met hot has a lot about the money, while underlying it is often something else going on.

Make it negotiable

Maussen becomes a lot involved in guiding those conversations in order to make the underlying issues negotiable.

Legacy conflict

During life transitions such as birth and death, all patterns often come together. It is then that it often becomes too much for members who feel unheard or undervalued and they create a conflict.

It is then good not to talk about the money or power, but what lies underneath.

This can be about inheritance, but also about business succession. The course of a family business.

Portable solution?

The search is often on for a portable solution for everyone. Add some water to the wine. We don't think that's a good idea. Since everything runs in behavioral patterns in families, immediately after solving one difficult subject, another arises. It will be necessary to listen calmly and with a lot of space to what is going on in everyone's mind. Good solutions can be found based on more appreciation and respect for each other. Never with water with the wine.

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Bart Maussen

Bart Maussen

Confidant and Coach

(1966) is vertrouwenspersoon, coach en woordvoerder van ondernemers, managers, bestuurders en hun families. Hij komt zelf uit een ondernemende familie en weet welk effect een familiebedrijf op de dynamiek binnen een familie kan hebben.

Edward Koldewijn

Edward Koldewijn

Confidant and Family Therapist

(1964) Edward komt uit een tuindersfamilie van moederskant en assurantieen van vaderskant. Zijn wieg stond in een flat in Amsterdam Osdorp. Zoon van de dominee.