Discrete care for wealthy families and expats

Maussen Family Confidants has been offering 'customized care' to both wealthy and enterprising families since 2010. Owning a capital or a business is often accompanied by different family dynamics that can cause a variety of problems. This therefore requires a different approach. We keep ourselves far from asset management or advice, but as experts by experience we know better than anyone what effect your assets or business can have on the mutual family ties, now or later

Our confidential advisers, coaches and mediators offer our clients and their families a broad and specialist support with various acute and non-urgent issues. Immediately, without waiting lists. In addition to issues in the field of family dynamics, we specialize in relationship therapy, burn-outs, depression, addictions, career counseling and 'meaning of life' issues. We have been advising on business and wealth succession for years and offer various next generation programs.

We have our own network with the best medical specialists in the Netherlands. And based on our view of the different types of problems in these families, we have assembled a multidisciplinary team of various independent psychiatrists and therapists. We only offer 'tailor-made care' by applying the latest forms of treatment based on the latest scientific insights. This has resulted in very satisfactory results for many years.

High service level – Tailor Made support - No waiting lists – specializing in wealthy and entrepreneurial families


Living abroad as a foreigner, while novel and exciting at times, can also bring feelings of anxiety, stress, or loneliness. Acclimating to a new culture and language, new roles and relationships, and changes in job or career are no easy tasks. These challenges may be compounded by distance from friends and family. Yet, these life transitions also provide opportunities for growth.


Executive Coaching

All work related issues

Do you want a sounding board?

Increase your clout and influence

Personal development


Care for psychological complaints.

Suicidal Thoughts - Addiction - Depression - Anxiety - Burn Out

Couple therapy

Improve your love relationship

Take steps together

System therapy

Educational issues

Tensions between family members

Distance from each other

"The black sheep"

Next Generation

Whether or not to work in the family business

Developing Leadership

Working outside the family business and staying involved


Guidance in the route to arrive at a successor

Take care of the other generation members

Family involvement and influence

Reputation management

Conflicts after an inheritance opens up

Takeover of the family business

Company mistakes

Spokesman for the press

Mediation in familymatters

Every family handles its property differently

The wealth regularly puts pressure on family ties

Black Label

Network of like-minded people

Share experiences

To learn from each other

By invitation only



"Dat je het voor elkaar hebt gekregen mijn vader hier naar toe te krijgen. Is al een wonder. Maar dat hij ook echt gepraat heeft. Ik kan daar nog steeds niet bij."

R. L.

"Ik heb zo veel meer rust. Zo van; "wat kan me nu gebeuren". Heerlijk."


"Je gelooft het niet. Vorige week kwam hij langs. Met zijn nieuwe vriend. Heeft hij ook nog een baan. Vertelt hij me in de keuken dat hij gelukkig is." Ik dacht dat ik dat nooit meer uit zijn mond zou horen."


"Dankzij jouw hulp heb ik mijn leven weer op de rails en daar ben ik je ontzettend dankbaar voor. Je hebt een super team om me heen gezet zoals je toen gezegd had op de eerste dag."