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No question and situation is the same.

Maussen Family Confidants will do everything they can to guide your question as well as possible. We are used to asking the best specialists to help us with your issue.

We will start the conversation with you. We make a plan in which we estimate the costs for you.

We regularly evaluate with you whether we are still on the right track for you. Whether you are satisfied with our commitment and knowledge.

Look further on our site to see if you can find information about our experience in your issue. If this is not on the site, it does not mean that we can help you properly.

Submit it to us. We refer you well or create a team around you so that you are helped as well as possible.

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Bart Maussen

Bart Maussen

Confidant and Coach

(1966) is vertrouwenspersoon, coach en woordvoerder van ondernemers, managers, bestuurders en hun families. Hij komt zelf uit een ondernemende familie en weet welk effect een familiebedrijf op de dynamiek binnen een familie kan hebben.

Edward Koldewijn

Edward Koldewijn

Confidant and Family Therapist

(1964) Edward komt uit een tuindersfamilie van moederskant en assurantieen van vaderskant. Zijn wieg stond in een flat in Amsterdam Osdorp. Zoon van de dominee.