Doorbreken van gewoontes

To stop an addiction

Together we work on your real problem

At Maussen we treat you as a person, it is not the diagnosis that is central, but you. Often an addiction does not come alone, but there is a connection between several complaints.

We do not see these complaints separately from your environment, family, friends and your work. You are no problem. You do have an addiction that bothers you.

As a specialist in the field of multiple problems, we understand your situation and its causes. We offer you new insights and teach you skills to work on your problems yourself and to change your behavior sustainably. In this way you will receive an effective treatment that suits you, with attention to family, relationship and work.

You don't do that alone. Our network of specialists work 1 on 1 with you. Your supervisors are in daily contact with each other. All help is well coordinated to get you back in your power as quickly as possible.

With us you can continue to live at home. You have no group sessions.

No waiting times. Very discreet.

Game addiction

Don't want to stop playing

Neglect of social contacts

Prefer to be alone

U bent van harte welkom

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