Systemic therapy brings balance and appreciation to the family

Families have many tasks to perform. Maintain a healthy partner relationship. Raising the children. Maintaining contacts with the families, circles of friends and being socially successful. Family members sometimes have expectations of each other that are not fulfilled by the other. The tension that this creates is palpable for all family members. There is a mutual influence. A large financial wealth that is going to be passed on or being the owner or shareholder of a family business puts extra pressure on the family to also bear this responsibility. This is what systemic therapy is based on. The mutual bonds must be strong to be able to bear this pressure. We offer support and guide you to improve mutual relationships so that the love and support can be felt and understood again for everyone. There is again a question of mutual valuation and balance.

Possible topics for discussion in systemic therapy:
You want your child(ren) to develop skills to bear the responsibility of the family wealth.
Lack of drive in a child or your suspicion of depression.
Irresponsible behavior and/or lack of responsibility of a child .
A child who performs below his or her own ability in school/education.
You suspect drug use in your child.
You find your child too focused on the materialistic things and you get no change in it.
Your child has not developed a sense of proportion with regard to money and your family capital.
The children show too little gratitude for the good starting position in which you have brought them.
You notice that the tensions in your relationship are having an effect on your children's behavior and want to try to limit that.
It is a blended family. Integration falters between the step-siblings. They are concerned that the arrival of the new members of the family will affect their relationship with you and their legacy.
Great tension between siblings.
One of your family members is the victim of a robbery or other crime. This family member suffers from many flashbacks and feels emotionally unstable.
An intimate relationship between a parent and a child that is difficult for the other parent to interfere with.
Your child will enter into a relationship with a partner whom you suspect is purely for financial reasons and not out of love for your child.
Making your assets negotiable with your children and other family members and guiding them in the responsible handling of their assets. You would like to pass on your values ​​in life to your children and enter into discussions with them in order to jointly reach agreements about the way in which they will deal with your legacy.
One of the children wants nothing to do with the property. In the child's perception the ability has only produced misery. However, the child is expected to take responsibility when they receive your estate. You need guidance to increase the child's carrying capacity



"Dat je het voor elkaar hebt gekregen mijn vader hier naar toe te krijgen. Is al een wonder. Maar dat hij ook echt gepraat heeft. Ik kan daar nog steeds niet bij."

R. L.

"Ik heb zo veel meer rust. Zo van; "wat kan me nu gebeuren". Heerlijk."


"Je gelooft het niet. Vorige week kwam hij langs. Met zijn nieuwe vriend. Heeft hij ook nog een baan. Vertelt hij me in de keuken dat hij gelukkig is." Ik dacht dat ik dat nooit meer uit zijn mond zou horen."


"Dankzij jouw hulp heb ik mijn leven weer op de rails en daar ben ik je ontzettend dankbaar voor. Je hebt een super team om me heen gezet zoals je toen gezegd had op de eerste dag."