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In enterprising families there is care not only for who will be the successor to the company, but also for the other children.

Children who choose not to work in the company or who do. How do those choices come about?

Choosing a direction in your career

What are the underlying motives for children's choices as to whether or not they want to choose the family business?

Sometimes a child does not want conflict with parents or siblings. Out of avoidance behaviour, a child then chooses a career outside the family business. However, there will also be conflicts.

Other children choose the family business because they are emotionally connected to it. Parents talk a lot about the company and they don't want to lose that connection with their parents. Is that a healthy motivation? Is the choice right for the child's talent or deep desire?

We like to engage in open discussions with parents and children. How each wants to be valued and seen by the other. Every child can make a well-considered choice. Does what suits him or her for a longer period of time.

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