Student from a family with a business or family wealth

All students encounter difficult periods during their studies. High expectations of themselves and -sometimes unspoken- of their family create pressure; pressure to complete the study smoothly and successfully.

If the pressure gets too high

Wanting to live up to expectations. Parents who are an example. Having successful siblings. Sometimes it gets too much. Doubts then set in: "Have I chosen the right study?" "Is this really my talent or my own choice?"

Students with suicidal thoughts

When you want to meet your own expectations and/or those of others, and when this does not work, fear of failure can be lurking. Sometimes you experience this in full. This inability can feel like pain. In order to want to be released from the pain, it can happen that you sometimes have thoughts of getting out of life. Having these suicidal thoughts costs a lot of energy, they make you tired. Combined with this fatigue, it becomes even more difficult to concentrate on your studies. It sometimes seems like a hopeless situation in which you no longer see a way out. A vicious circle that is difficult to break.

Our support

To raise your self-esteem, we work with a combination of methods. We teach you techniques so that you can start from your own good intentions. Putting your own feelings into words. Learn to give direction to your life and the choices that come with it. We can also have family conversations to create space for a different course. To adjust any high expectations of parents.

Stress and Burn out

Energy recovery

Reintegration to work

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Suïcidale gedachten

Als u het verlies of pijn nauwelijks nog kan dragen.

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Conflict Ouder - Kind

Als het respect en waardering voor elkaar verdwijnt

De liefde voor elkaar niet meer voelbaar is

Blijft er vaak een conflict over het geld

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Carriere buiten het Familiebedrijf

Keuze maken in of buiten het familiebedrijf

Eigen koers kunnen varen

Draagvlak krijgen binnen de familie

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Persoonlijk Leiderschap

Leiding geven aan het familiebedrijf

De dynamiek begrijpen

Eigen koers kunnen varen

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Next Generation

Whether or not to work in the family business

Developing Leadership

Working outside the family business and staying involved

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Anxiety and Panic Attack

If you can't calm yourself anymore

If you are overtaken by panic

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Depression or mood disorders

If it's been a while since you felt happy

You lost contact with your drive

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Care for psychological complaints.

Suicidal Thoughts - Addiction - Depression - Anxiety - Burn Out

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Confidant and Family Therapist

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