Executive level services

Maussen Family Confidants is an initiative of Bart Maussen and Edward Koldewijn.

Since 2005 they have been working together under Maussen Confidential Advisors & Coaches and they guide individuals, families and boards in coaching and communication. In the meantime they have guided various families, politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists.

Due to their long experience in guiding families and family businesses, they decided in 2012 to set up Maussen Family Confidants.

Our vision

Our experience has taught us that the causes and consequences of the question or problem within wealthy or enterprising families are often different in nature than in non-wealthy and non-entrepreneurial families.

In order to be able to properly guide these families and subsequently come to solutions, specialists are needed who are used to dealing with these families.

In Dutch society there is a culture in which care is tailored to multi-problem families in deprived neighborhoods by outreach teams.

Middle management can go to regular mental healthcare and nothing is arranged for senior management.

Our mission

We have made it our mission to provide excellent guidance to these wealthy and enterprising families.

Maussen Family Confidants focuses on making that which is not open to discussion. This creates healthy and lasting relationships, within the family and within the family.

We do this by conducting conversations in the form of coaching, mediation and therapy.


Bart Maussen

Bart Maussen

Confidant and Coach

(1966) is vertrouwenspersoon, coach en woordvoerder van ondernemers, managers, bestuurders en hun families. Hij komt zelf uit een ondernemende familie en weet welk effect een familiebedrijf op de dynamiek binnen een familie kan hebben.

Edward Koldewijn

Edward Koldewijn

Confidant and Family Therapist

(1964) Edward komt uit een tuindersfamilie van moederskant en assurantieen van vaderskant. Zijn wieg stond in een flat in Amsterdam Osdorp. Zoon van de dominee.