Een introductie

Edward Koldewijn

(1964) Edward does not come from an enterprising or wealthy family. His cradle was in a flat in Amsterdam Osdorp. Son of the pastor. When he was 17 years old, he lived on his own in "De Pijp".

Edward studied HBO Social Work and looked punk. He was asked for a role in Zeg 'ns AAA. In love with the profession of actor, he has mastered it. Amsterdam drama school. Edward worked a lot in bars around Leidseplein.

As an actor, Edward was asked in the late 1980s to simulate robberies for ABN/AMRO and Postbank. After 10 years of playing in aggression and skills training and assessments, he decided to stand in front of the group himself.

After a Train the Trainer, he worked as a supervisor in rawer corporate cultures. GVB, KLM Baggage, ECT. Clients were pleased that Edward quickly understood how the relationships were. Managers were often fearful of informal leaders on the floor. Edward dared to break it open. To discuss the unspoken. Respect was restored. Teams grew closer. There was affection.

Edward received more assignments to guide MTs. Coaching processes with MT members, CEOs, CFOs, COOs and DGAs. Mediation processes in conflicts in family businesses.

Edward eventually started working within the family as a relationship and family therapist (systemic therapy). He has worked for 2 private clinics as a systemic therapist (addiction, burnout and depression).

Edward does the same with enterprising families. He looks at the proportions. Makes it possible to discuss things that are not easy to talk about within the family or love relationship. He restores relations so that people come closer to each other. The ties feel freer and more loving.

Edward tries to get a social debate in motion in which the image of enterprising and wealthy families must be changed from people who are not allowed to complain to families with their own specific problems.

Edward is a member and director of the professional association of Relationship and Family Therapy (NVRG) and the professional association of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT Nederland).

NVRG registration membership: 12908

EFT registration: Advanced.

Additional trained:

Self-esteem and Sex Addiction


BDSM and relationships