Mediation in family conflicts

Every family handles its property differently. The possibilities it creates and the responsibilities it gives are experienced differently by everyone involved. The wealth regularly puts family ties under pressure.

In order to keep the peace, wealthy persons are often willing to lend a helping hand while they themselves bear no responsibility for the problems that have arisen.

Lack of appreciation

This can cause skewed growth within the family. In many cases there is a lack of appreciation or a sober lifestyle in which too little affection is experienced.

It is our experience that the mutual tensions cannot be viewed separately from the family culture and the history of the wealth. Within this context, we are happy to guide you to a solution that is suitable for all stakeholders.

No lawyers or notaries

Our experience shows that problems in the family cannot be managed by lawyers and notaries. You will have to start the conversation with your family first.

You probably have good reasons to be concerned about this. Our help in such a process can be very useful for you and your family.

Free introduction

After a no-obligation acquaintance, we jointly decide which approach will be chosen to start the conversation with your family members. In these encounters we channel the emotions and look for the mutual connection. When the heat from a possible conflict has cooled down, agreements and mutual expectations can be recorded by lawyers and civil-law notaries.

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